Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heating Systems

At Heelas Heating and Renewables we work with you to give a high quality installation using the best products available. 

Here is a small example of  boiler/heating works undertaken by Heelas Heating and Renewables. 

Air source heat pump installation at a new build property in the local area.

The external heat pump fan unit, feeds into a wall hung internal buffer tank, which then feeds into a 250 L unvented hot water cylinder, ground floor underfloor heating system and upper floor fan convector radiators.

A Worcester Bosch 29 CDi Combi Classic gas fired boiler installed with a Worcester Bosch comfort 2 programmable room thermostat;  alongside a Nu Heat underfloor heating system & 300 litre unvented hot water cylinder

An Air source heat pump installation near Clifton Hampden.

Heelas Heating installed a 8kw Nibe ASHP with a 100 litre buffer tank, 200 litre unvented cylinder & a Nibe SMO20 controller; all linked to a radiator circuit and underfloor heating zone. 

A ground source heat pump installation at a large property near Burford.

Heelas Heating upgraded the installation, to include a buffer tank and controls upgrade, to give the client more control of the system.

A ground source heat pump installation near Faringdon.

Heelas heating carried out the entire installation, including the ground works and horizontal ground loop collectors. All of the radiators in the property were upgraded and a buffer tank was fitted in the loft. We also installed a solar thermal hot water system. The customer has since reported that his running costs of the system have more than halved where they were, when he was treating with oil.

Heelas Heating and Renewables – committed to sustainable technology